Hello Stanley Park Parents,

We hope you received the WRDSB information in regards to school day not being accessible.

We apologize for any inconvenience for you and your families.

Please note:

On the first day of school, have your student stand close to an entry door (back of school, side or front).

Teachers will let students into the building at 8:40 am.  At that time, students will make their way to the Gym.

Grade 7’s on one side, and Grade 8’s on the other.  There will be homeroom teachers in the gym with class signs and lists.  Students will find their name on our Gym wall and then stand by their name and teacher.  Teachers will then guide the class to their homerooms.

Students will be able to communicate their homeroom to their parents, and also teachers will set up google classrooms with parent emails.

We thank all of you for your patience and shift in plans.

We appreciate You!!!

Office team

N. Woodhall, Principal, J. Kirk, VP

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